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Policies for Our Services in Winchester, Virginia

At Apple Blossom Family Practice, we have an on-site phlebotomist from Solstas® Lab Partners available to complete most blood and urine studies. In addition, our practice sends studies from PAP tests to Harrisonburg Cytology.
You receive separate billing statements from the labs for the different diagnostic tests. Before scheduling a lab service, be sure to check with your insurance provider if the test is covered or to address any concerns regarding your coverage.
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Prescription Refills

When a medical service requires a prescription, we fill it during our first office visit. Should you require additional refills, you can take the prescription information to your local pharmacy. Refills may take up to four business days to fill.
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At our office, Dr. Jessica Byrd focuses her full attention to the practice of medicine within the office environment. She is not in charge of your hospital visit if you were admitted to a hospital. Valley Hospitalists, on the other hand, keep her informed of your admission and progress.

This practice ensures the continuity of care upon hospitalization. For further information, regarding our hospitalization policy, feel free to contact Valley Hospitalists at (540) 313-4528.
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HIPAA Privacy Notice

At Apple Blossom Family Practice, we comply with all HIPAA laws to keep your medical information private. In fact, if a person's name isn't written on your medical release form, we cannot discuss your medical care, including health issues or future appointments.
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